OUR massages


We will get your room ready so you can enjoy a nice moment of relaxation. We will meet you at the hotel bar 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time.

World massage
Several massage techniques come together here for total relaxation (75 mins)

89 €

Serenity Massage
60 mins or 90 mins (70 € or 100 €)

AS A DUO: 60 mins or 90 mins (135 € or 195 €)

Customized massage
60 mins
68 €

Sport massage
Tonic 60 mins
68 €

Cocooning massage
Special pregnant-women’s massage, 60 mins 
68 €

Foot sole relaxation
45 mins
54 €

Californian Massage
Relaxing therapy for the whole body, 1h15mins
85 €

(by specifying your name n° of reservation or date of arrival)

It is recommended that you book your treatment at least 72 hours in advance. However, don’t hesitate to call us at so that we can do our very best to satisfy your needs. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, we will have to bill you for the cost of the treatment.

Our facial treatments

Mysteries and alchemy / Anti-ageing
Choose to transform the signs of ageing using the energetic powers of the earth and of subtlety. Using alchemical blown-glass bulbs and special massage techniques, your skin will be regenerated and revitalized. (60 mins)
70 €

Pearl and silk / Hydrating
This treatment is all gentleness, using very noble ingredients, pearl and silk, which are renowned for their cosmetic properties. This treatment soothes irritated skin and helps protect it from the sun, cold, and pollution. (50 mins)
65 €

Pure / Purifying Treatment
Mineral and vegetable ingredients come together here to re-purify the skin. An in-depth cleansing featuring hot oshibori, this program will give your skin its purity back. (50mins)
65 €

(by specifying your name n° of reservation or date of arrival)